Brand New Duplex Villa Opportunity in North Austin

Brand New Duplex Villa Opportunity in North Austin


Last year, we discussed an institutional-level exclusive housing purchase project with a renowned American builder partner for investors. We were able to buy 50 single-family villas at a heavy discount, and the project sold out immediately upon launch. (see below)

At the time, the partner required all-cash purchasers, resulting in many investors missing out. However, for those who missed out last time, we have some good news – this week, the Real International team secured another unlisted institutional-level investment opportunity!

This opportunity includes 27 brand-new duplex villas, with living spaces of 1700 – 2000 sqft, and 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The cash on cash rate is the best on the market, and Real International’s exclusive price is between $330,000 – $340,000; $2,200 projected monthly rent per unit, or $4,400 per property (similar houses on sale in the same block start at $420,000 for a single-family).

Located in the core development area of North Austin, near the Dell headquarters, the community has multiple commercial centers, entertainment facilities, and schools within 10 minutes. The community is equipped with activity centers, gyms, swimming pools, and parks.

Some important purchase conditions to note are that loans are available for both owner-occupiers and investors, and the entire building must be purchased (a Duplex includes two households, but there is no limit to joint purchases with family and friends). Priority is given to existing Real International clients. New clients will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

*Due to confidentiality clauses, we cannot publicly disclose more information about the listings. If you are interested, please contact Real International immediately for consultation or join the queuing list. Please note that the conceptual drawing of double-family villas is for reference only.