Real International Property Management Update: Your Properties are in Good Hands!

Real International Property Management Update: Your Properties are in Good Hands!

Amidst a recent cold wave in Austin, Real International’s Property Management team demonstrated proactive measures to safeguard homeowners’ properties comprehensively. The Austin area experienced two notable temperature drops, with temperatures reaching lows of 15 – 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and we even witnessed sporadic snowfall.

In response to the chilling conditions, the Real International Property Management team, foreseeing the concerns of property investors and homeowners, took preemptive steps to address potential issues, particularly with vacant properties. Before the onset of the cold wave, a thorough inspection of all vacant properties was conducted, involving the closure of water sources and the drainage of pipes where applicable. Faucets were deliberately left on in some properties to maintain a slow drip, preventing pipes from freezing. Additionally, cabinet doors under sinks were opened, and thermostats were set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Following the cold wave, team members revisited all vacant properties to ensure the absence of damages meticulously. Water sources were reinstated, and thermostat temperatures were adjusted accordingly. Remarkably, the property team received only two heating-related repair requests during this period.

On January 22, 2024, Real International Real Estate welcomed its property management leader, Lea Damgaard, with 30 years of experience in real estate investment asset management! Previously heading the asset management division of a prominent local real estate investment company, Lea brings foresight and a holistic approach to managing your investment property.

Currently immersed in the seamless transition of property and tenant management tasks, Lea has initiated efforts to secure institutional-level discounts for repairs and insurance for all homeowners. Aligning with the mission of Real International Real Estate, Lea and the property management team gauge success through the prosperity of your real estate investments. Queries, feedback, or opinions can be directed to Lea at

With recent team transitions, Real International invites communication for any concerns through Our expert PM team is adept at tailoring personnel assignments to specific needs. Responsibilities are divided accordingly, with Dylan overseeing maintenance, Zoie handling tenant communication, Lily managing accounting affairs, Maria overseeing rental leasing, and Lea serving as the overall PM team leader, ensuring optimal and comprehensive property management services!

Looking ahead, Real International Property Management promises a comprehensive upgrade in investment property return analysis. Beyond routine tenant, homeowner, and property maintenance management, the department introduces the concept of asset management, overseeing expenses from vacancy rates to cash return rates and investment return rates.

Upholding high standards, leveraging a robust network, and drawing from extensive investment experience, Real International’s focus remains on enhancing homeowners’ investment return rates, ensuring a steady cash flow and appreciation of assets.