Real International’s Premier Home Listing Service: Bringing Sellers a Seamless and Efficient Experience

Real International’s Premier Home Listing Service: Bringing Sellers a Seamless and Efficient Experience

Are you contemplating listing your property on the market? Real International offers expert assistance in swiftly, confidently, and accurately listing/selling your property at the optimal price!

Our comprehensive marketing team employs various platforms—including videos, 3D tours, photos, and compelling descriptions—to swiftly connect you with potential buyers and facilitate seamless property transfers. For properties requiring pre-listing renovation, our in-house property management team has access to some of the best bang-for-your-buck vendors and subcontractors for all your renovation needs.

Additionally, for investment property transactions involving active tenants(making public listing inconvenient), Real International will list your property off-market to our extensive network of qualified investors first, which can minimize communication hurdles and ensure hassle-free transfers.


Real International’s Selling Process


  1. Determining the House Price and Preliminary Evaluation: Our team meticulously evaluates recent transaction prices, valuations, and sellers’ expectations to set an optimal listing price. We also conduct thorough property assessments to provide informed recommendations.
  2. Enhancing Property with Staging: A well-staged property is key to attracting buyers. Investing in staging can significantly increase the property’s perceived value, enticing buyers to make swift offers.
  3. Strategic Listing and Promotion: Spring and summer are peak seasons in the real estate market. We strategically list properties before weekends, allowing ample time for prospective buyers to view and make offers. Meanwhile, our internal team crafts comprehensive listings, prioritizing promotion within our extensive client network through various media formats, ensuring swift connections with potential buyers.
  4. Hosting Open Houses and Engaging with Buyer Agents: Open houses are essential for attracting buyers. We organize these events post-listing to allow potential buyers to explore the property and engage with buyer agents.
  5. Handling Offers, Analyzing Contracts, and Finalizing Agreements: In the event of multiple offers, we meticulously analyze and present the most favorable terms and prices to the seller. We negotiate to ensure the property is sold at the best possible price with minimal hassle.
  6. Coordinating Inspections, Appraisals, and Title Transfers: Our team acts as the intermediary between the seller and the buyer, ensuring a smooth transition from contract to property transfer.
  7. Finalizing Transfer Formalities and Facilitating Fund Transfer: We handle all notarization and fund transfer processes, ensuring a seamless transfer of ownership.
  8. Specialized Services for Investment Properties, including 1031 Exchange: If you have 1031 exchange needs or other investment intentions, Real International offers specialized services tailored to meet your requirements.


For those interested in listing their homes, please feel free to contact us for a quick chat at our office number or email address:


#: (512) 298 1899