Say Hello to Portfolio Stability: Real International Fixed Income Investment

Say Hello to Portfolio Stability: Real International Fixed Income Investment

Real International is thrilled to present an exceptional investment opportunity that bids farewell to traditional low-yield options like T-bills and CDs. Say hello to Real International’s fixed income investments – a risk-averse avenue that offers backing by real properties. Developers in our network often come to us for a more reliable solution for their capital needs. Real International fills this need with loan-backed positions that collateralize their projects, creating a win-win situation for both the developer and our company.

With fixed income private debt, investors enjoy a stable and attractive interest rate, securing a position near the top of the capital stack. Fixed income investors typically receive distributions second only to the senior loan – as long as the returns surpass those of the senior loan and the fixed income fund.

Fixed income investments offer numerous advantages, including a limited but consistent rate of return. Unlike equity investments, where returns may fluctuate over extended timelines, fixed income investors benefit from reduced timeline risk. This feature grants peace of mind, making fixed income investments an appealing choice for those seeking stability.

Liquidity is another notable advantage of fixed income investments. Returns are regularly distributed throughout the investment holding period, allowing investors the freedom to reallocate their earnings as they please. This stands in contrast to equity positions, which often entail full lock-ups lasting 3-5 years.

By opting for fixed income positions, investors can enjoy improved peace of mind and greater investment stability. This investment strategy trades the boundless potential of private equity investments for the security of consistent and fixed returns, making fixed income investments the perfect option for building wealth.

Real International has an impressive track record since 2013, having successfully invested in more than 20 debt projects, each offering an enticing 8-12% interest rate.

Let’s take a look at some of our past projects:

Project Name: Yellow Jacket

  • Dividend rate: Monthly
    Property Type: Residential Development
    Start Date: Q2 2021

Project Name: Greenville

  • Dividend Rate: Monthly
    Property Type: Residential Development
    Start Date: Q1 2022
    Exit Date: Q1 2023

Photo of property at 1002 Cheryl Dr, Greenville, TX 75402

Project Name: 2114 Maxwell Ln

  • Dividend Rate: Quarterly
    Property Type: Residential Real Estate – Single-Family Home
    Start Date: Q4 2020

Although the showcased projects are no longer available for investment, they exemplify the opportunities that await you as part of our professional network.

Why Choose Real International’s Fixed Income Projects?

Currently, the average interest rate of fixed deposits for major banks in the U.S. hovers around 3 – 5% per year, while the average T-Bill rate stands at 4.3% per year. In stark contrast, Real International’s fixed income projects offer a more attractive rate (contact us to learn more).

Investing in Real International’s projects grants individual investors access to exclusive institutional-level investment opportunities in the future, including partnerships and discounted packages of investment properties. Our hand-picked opportunities, priority over waitlisted investors, and first choice of floor plans in builder deals further enhance the investment experience.

Becoming a client of Real International also entitles you to exclusive services such as property management assistance and one-on-one real estate investment consultation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to say goodbye to mediocre returns and embrace the stability and potential of Real International’s fixed income projects. Join us today and open the door to a prosperous financial future.

* Please note that due to the popularity of fixed-income investments, space in fixed-income funds is limited, and openings may be available occasionally. In the event of full fund occupancy, Real International offers a waitlist to investors for future fixed income contributions.