From a $37k Investment to Eight Houses and Financial Security

A success story from a real client.

Taking Advantage of Chances When Things Are Not Sure

In 2013, this client was a busy worker in the tech industry and didn’t know much about investing in houses. She was worried about starting because she was also expecting a baby.

Her goal was to make sure her family had enough money. Then she met a company called Real International.

Financial Overview

Initial Purchase (March 2013)
  • Purchase Price: $150,000
  • Down Payment: $37,500 (25%)
  • Loan Amount: $112,500
  • Mortgage Term: 30 years
  • Interest Rate: 5%
Investment Returns
Current Value


Average Monthly Rent (2013-2023)


Net Income (Total Rent – Operating Expenses)


Return on 
Investment (ROI)


A Road to Success

Real International gave this client a path to real estate investment success. We found a house in South Austin that would make money and be worth more over time. We showed her the numbers and helped her buy the house.

In just a week, she rented it to someone and started making money.

Changing Worry Into
Financial Freedom

This client started with $37,000 and now her first house is worth $515,000. She also owns seven other houses. She reached her money goals while still having her job. Now she and her husband can retire comfortably when they are ready.

Real International made it possible for her to have financial security and freedom. Her story shows how real estate investment can make dreams come true.

You can make your future more secure and have more money by investing in real estate.
It all begins with the first step:

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