Successful Sale of Cade Lake Property to Ashton Woods Home Builder

Cade Lake Property

Our investors are receiving distributions from selling our 8-acre Cade Lake site to Ashton Woods home builder, marking another significant milestone in our investment journey. This achievement underscores the value our investors are getting from our curated portfolios as the Austin metropolitan area continues to grow.

Background of the Cade Lake Project

Our journey with the Cade Lake project began in 2021 when Real International acquired the initial 5-acre land tract, followed by the acquisition of an additional 3-acre tract in 2024, both for our investment portfolio. Over the years, we’ve meticulously planned and strategized to maximize the potential of this prime real estate asset.

Situated in Round Rock, north of Austin, the Cade Lake project is set to become a vibrant single-family home community, comprising a total of 64 residential units. Surrounded by mature single-family home communities, the project benefits from a convenient living environment and proximity to a mature business circle, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Prime Location and Investment Potential

The strategic location of the Cade Lake project added to its allure as a lucrative investment opportunity:

  • Convenient Connectivity: Nestled at the corner of I35 and Highway 45, the project enjoys proximity to the North Technology Golden Triangle, serving as a transportation hub in the northeast of Austin.
  • Corporate Proximity: With a mere 5-minute drive from the Dell headquarters, the project offers easy access to employment opportunities and corporate hubs.
  • Retail and Commercial Amenities: Additionally, the project is just a 3-minute drive from Round Rock’s “The District,” which is poised to become the second commercial complex after the Domain, further enhancing the lifestyle appeal of the community.

Realizing Investment Success

The sale of the Cade Lake property signifies not only a lucrative return on investment but also the culmination of our strategic vision and diligent efforts. The successful transaction is a testament to the growing demand for residential properties in the Austin metropolitan area and the strength of our investment strategy.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this achievement with our investors, we remain committed to identifying and unlocking opportunities that generate value for them from Central Texas real estate. For more information about our investment opportunities and services, please contact us at 512-298-1899 or