Tesla seeks manager to sell electricity in Texas, perhaps elsewhere

Tesla confirmed its emerging electricity retail business by posting a job opening for a “Product Operations Manager, Retail Electricity” on Aug. 18.

The state of Texas last November approved a license for Tesla Energy Ventures, a registered entity led by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, to sell electricity to Texas retail consumers.

The job posting details the full-time position, based in Austin, and said the product operations manager will be “central to the success of Tesla’s emerging Electricity Retail business.”

The person hired for this position will “support the launch, operation, and growth of Tesla energy retail operations,” among other responsibilities.

Regulatory filings from 2021 show Tesla Energy Ventures will be jointly led by Tesla Director of Regulatory Credit Trading Ana Stewart and Lead of Energy and Charging Products Rohan Ma.

The job posting indicates Musk is eager to further build out his empire in Central Texas — which is already quite sizable.

Tesla has begun vehicle production at its 4-million-square-foot factory east of town. The site is now considered the company’s headquarters and is expected to employ thousands.

Also on the east side, The Boring Company has been grabbing headlines lately. Boring, which raised a $675 million series C round in April, wants to dig transit tunnels in urban areas across the United States, aiming to alleviate traffic and free up real estate traditionally dedicated to surface roads. It was recently approved to build a 34-mile tunnel network under Las Vegas. The company in May received approval to begin engineering work for a potential pedestrian tunnel in Kyle, south of Austin, and has floated many other projects across Texas.

Then there is Neuralink Corp. — another Musk-led startup focused on creating brain implants to treat neurological issues such as paralysis. It also appears to still be hiring in the Austin area. It has had dozens of local job openings online, for roles from engineering to manufacturing to animal care specialists.

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