The Harvest Portfolio Celebration: Bring Your Pet to Work Day – Part 2!

The Harvest Portfolio Celebration: Bring Your Pet to Work Day – Part 2!

Calling pet lovers and achievement enthusiasts! Can you believe it’s been a year since our last Bring Your Pet to Work Day? We’re back with a howling good time, and this round, it’s all about celebrating the completion of the lease-up for the residential properties in Real International’s Harvest Portfolio.

From buying these properties to today’s event, our journey with the Harvest Portfolio has been stellar. Now, we’ve reached our leasing finish line – all thanks to the dedicated work of our awesome team – especially Maria Mao – the Real International Leasing Queen!

The office was buzzing with excitement as more dogs and their proud humans joined the party. From tiny furballs to big ol’ floofs, our furry pals brought a truckload of smiles and positive vibes. For anyone getting ideas, here are some quick pointers for companies looking to throw their own dog-friendly events:

  1. Set up cozy spots with water bowls and toys. Happy pups make happy people!
  2. Designate play zones for furry playdates. It’s a surefire way to spread those tail wags.
  3. Ensure everyone’s cool with pets around. No allergies, no problem!

Make sure you’ve checked out the adorable pics below capturing the day’s spirit. Dogs + Success = Best Combo Ever! Big shout-out to our team, and, of course, the furballs who rocked this day. The Harvest Portfolio isn’t just buildings; it’s about teamwork, a touch of doggy joy, and reaching new heights together.

Cheers to good times,

The Real International Team