Unveiling Real International’s Diverse Investment Projects!

Unveiling Real International’s Diverse Investment Projects!

In our commitment to transparency and investor engagement, we present yet another detailed article on the latest developments in Real International’s diverse investment ventures. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer, these updates provide invaluable insights into the progress and potential of our projects.

Which Investors Thrive in Real International’s Fixed Income Projects?

Suitable for Accredited Investors: If you favor a relatively short investment cycle, seek fixed income opportunities, and desire stable returns without the hassle of property management, Real International’s debt projects are tailor-made for you! Explore the realm of opportunities that align with your investment goals.

New Fixed Income Projects Launching Soon!

Wondering if there’s still a chance to be part of our thriving debt projects? Absolutely! Stay tuned as we gear up to introduce our latest debt projects. For those eager to join the journey, contact our assistant to secure a spot on the waiting list and be among the first to explore these exciting opportunities.

Introducing Real International Debt Project 1: Hedge II – Alma

Project Highlights:

Annual Yield: 8%-10%

Project Type: Fixed-Income

Multiple Stages: Ensuring Stability

Monthly Dividend Cash Flow: Enjoy Regular Returns

Rental Status Update:
The Alma hotel apartments, a part of Real International’s hotel conversion lineup, are flourishing as of recent receival of permanent certificates of occupancy. The leasing team achieved a remarkable 39% pre-leasing, with 70 applications and 47 units approved for leasing. The current rent stands at an impressive $3.28 per square foot, significantly surpassing the market average over the past year.

Project Achievements:

Smooth Operations: High tenant rating (4.8) on Google

PFC Designation: Fully compliant with multifamily standards

Tax Exemption: Exempt from property taxes

Cost Efficiency: Comprehensive renovation reduces maintenance costs for at least the next 5 years

Visual Glimpse:

Embrace the journey with Real International as we continue to elevate investment experiences and unlock the potential of every project. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to enrich your investment portfolio!