Top 5 Most Affordable ZIP Codes in the Austin Metro Area

Top 5 Most Affordable ZIP Codes in the Austin Metro Area

“Housing prices are skyrocketing in Austin while income is stagnant… where can I afford to buy?”

The housing price-to-income ratio is a classic measure that models housing valuation and affordability. This is a compelling statistic that often drives investment and financing decisions of real estate assets.

A higher price-to-income ratio means that a household must divert more of their annual income from expenses like 401k’s and other investments to buy a home.

Previously, Austin’s housing price-to-income ratio had been lower than the national average, but it has risen sharply to a median housing price-to-income ratio of 6.34 and an average of 7.89.

We derived our data from the census and the most recent Austin Board of Realtors market report. As a result, we have much more concise data than can be found elsewhere, thereby ranking the housing affordability of Austin-Round Rock neighborhoods by ZIP code.


Least Affordable


78719 – 15.78

Moore’s Crossing

Those who own properties in Moore’s Crossing might as well have struck gold. This ZIP code’s median housing price has increased twofold in the past year.

78746 – 12.40

West Lake Hills

Snugly within bounds of the most desirable Eanes ISD schools, 78746 has one of the highest demands for housing in the Austin-Round Rock area.

Benefiting from the many amenities of the Far West area and work opportunities nearby, 78746 has everything a family could dream of.

78731 – 10.94

Austin/West Lake

The median price of properties in this zip code is just over $1 million. Properties are more affordable here than 78730, but the price in proportion to living space may not be, at $523/sqft.

78731 is a fast-growing zip code, with a year-over-year growth percentage of 51.7% in median price just this year. The sale price to list price ratio of properties in this area is one of the highest at 107.3% 

78730 – 10.17

Austin/West Lake

Home prices in this area rank 2nd in overall most expensive in Austin when ranked by the median, sitting at just under 1.4 million dollars per property and $427 per square foot, according to the Austin Board of Realtors.

The year-over-year growth percentage for the median housing price in this area is 65.6%.

78752 – 10.06


This ZIP code contains the widely acclaimed Liberal Arts and a Sciences Academy, one of the highest-ranking public high schools in the nation. Living in the area gives you access to 290, 183, and I-35. Walmart and 99 Ranch are minutes away, and the renowned attraction Wonderspaces Austin is also in the area.


Most affordable


78701 – 4.74


This section of downtown Austin is the centermost. Attractions include The Contemporary Jones Center art gallery, the Bullock museum, and even the Texas State Capitol. Streets are navigable by foot and amenities are exceptional.

**You may be ridiculing the idea of downtown Austin being affordable. This is because our raw data was based on median income and not average. The prices here are actually very high at $770/sqft and the average income is 60k higher than the median income**

78659 – 4.74


Paige is an unincorporated community within Bastrop county.

This area is one of the fastest-growing, as we mentioned in our article concerning the fastest-growing communities in the Austin Metro area.

You can read that article here

78621 – 4.73


This Elgin zip code is another distant city with unexpectedly quick growth in its local housing market. Elgin, along with neighboring areas, has seen much traction, but due to its distance from the central city, needs attention to thrive.

78621’s median price has grown 40.8% year-over-year while average prices rose by close to 50%. Pricing by living area is sure to follow from its current $226/sqft. 

78953 – 4.37


Rosansky is an unincorporated community in Bastrop county. 78953 contains Bastrop county’s post office. This location shares the same benefits as 78953, and also has a post office.

Amenities in this location are fair, and the properties have exceptional cash flow.

76537 – 4.07


This Jarrell zip code harbors many of the best options for housing, with some of the most beautiful and best-priced homes in a wide radius. Commuting to Austin is simple as taking the southbound I-35.

This is one of the most affordable zip codes on this list and has a price-to-square footage ratio of under $200/sqft. According to all measurements, this area’s dollar volume and home price values soar higher than ever, with YoY returns topping 40%.