$45,000 Off Prime Real Estate in the Texas Innovation Corridor

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$45,000 Off Prime Real Estate in the Texas Innovation Corridor

Welcome to the Texas Innovation Corridor, the booming area around Austin and San Antonio home to cutting edge companies in technology, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. Tech giants like Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, Samsung, and more have or are developing large facilities in the region, spurring an even greater demand for housing. Let’s take a look at the real estate opportunities available in this corridor where the population grew 50% in the last decade.

The Austin-San Antonio Metroplex

The Austin-San Antonio region (ASA) is not just two cities, but a dynamic corridor of innovation, growth, and opportunity. As the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor, this region is witnessing a transformation like no other.

Satellite imagery reveals the undeniable truth: Austin and San Antonio are converging, gradually connecting to form a sprawling metroplex. This isn’t just about geographical proximity; it’s about two growing economies coming together to produce something even greater.

Between 2010 and 2020, the population of this corridor surged by a staggering 50% according to the U.S. census bureau, outpacing even the growth of Austin and San Antonio individually.

What is drawing people to this corridor? It’s a combination of affordability and lifestyle. It’s a blend of urban sophistication and Texas charm.

Recent developments have further propelled the region into the limelight. Tesla announced it will be leasing 14,000 sq ft of warehouse space in the area, a sign of the region’s industrial growth. Add to that the presence of giants like the Amazon Fulfillment Center, and you have an economic powerhouse in the making.

Transportation is evolving, too. Plans are underway for a possible commuter train to seamlessly connect Austin and San Antonio, allowing for even more integration between the two cities.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate activities are surging, which is a testament to the region’s potential. From housing projects to commercial hubs, the landscape is changing rapidly.

And at the epicenter of this transformation is San Marcos. Strategically positioned, it embodies the spirit of the ASA corridor, bridging the past with a promising future.

San Marcos – Gateway to the Texas Innovation Corridor

Just 32 miles from Downtown Austin, San Marcos is comparable in distance to other booming suburbs to the north such as Leander, Hutto, and Georgetown. But its central location between Austin and San Antonio offers unparalleled connectivity.

A mere 45-minute drive from San Marcos covers a plethora of hotspots. From the tech hubs of Downtown Austin, the semiconductor companies in South Austin, the bustling Austin airport, to the massive Tesla Gigafactory and the vibrant Texas Innovation Corridor, San Marcos sits at the nexus of it all.

What Sets San Marcos Apart?

Home to Texas State University, San Marcos is the fourth fastest growing college town in America, according to a report from Broke Scholar. Students and faculty are drawn to the school’s quality programs and the variety of activities in San Marcos and surrounding areas. This produces a continuous demand for housing.

For those who love shopping, San Marcos boasts multiple retail centers, including two distinct outlets and a brand-new HEB, ensuring a diverse shopping experience.

Economically, the city is thriving, with the Amazon fulfillment center alone employing more than 5,000 individuals. And because of the decreasing affordability in Austin, people are moving here, which will ultimately make San Marcos a booming center in the Texas Innovation Corridor.

Who Calls San Marcos Home?

San Marcos is home to a diverse community of students, professionals, and families, all drawn by the city’s unique offerings and potential.

The city is young and educated, with a median age of 32.5 and a median household income over $68,000, according to Jobs EQ. With such strong economic growth and so many renters moving to San Marcos, this community is full of potential. This is exactly the kind of opportunity we look for at Real International.

New San Marcos Homes at a $45,000 Discount

Thanks to our deep relationships with home builders in the area, we have a unique opportunity for our investors to buy new houses in this booming city at a $45,000 discount. By acquiring properties this far below market price, you are able to realize even more value from the investment.

These homes are located right next to Texas’s largest outlet shopping center, just a 10-minute drive from Texas State University and a quick 15-minute drive from the new Tesla logistics center!

All the units in this batch of new homes are spacious 3 to 4 bedroom, 2-bathroom layouts, making them ideal for rentals. The community has lower property taxes and HOA fees, which can save owners a significant amount on costs.

And the builder is including all appliances for a select group of homes, so you want to act before those are gone.

With a convenient location in the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor AND a $45,000 discount, this opportunity stands out. One of our clients who has been following the Austin and San Antonio markets for years has already jumped on this deal. Yan Zhang told us:


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Yan Zhang


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