A Private Equity Game Changer – The Crystal-Line Portfolio

A Private Equity Game Changer – The Crystal-Line Portfolio

Navigating the ever-changing real estate landscape can be daunting, but Real International offers a game-changing solution – the Crystal-Line Portfolio!

This exclusive opportunity utilizes rare, centrally located opportunity zone land tracts to seamlessly combine stability, long-term growth, and remarkable tax advantages, ensuring your investments remain resilient even in turbulent markets.

These land tracts have been permitted, entitled, and are fully ready for construction, and the opportunity zone location provides the benefit of complete negation of the tax burden during our holding period!

In a real estate market where new and existing home values converge, even Wall Street is bearish. Real International’s Crystal-Line Portfolio has been meticulously crafted to protect investors’ newly liquidated assets during this market by investing in the right place and right time with the right strategy.

The Austin Metro area, for instance, has seen a staggering 98.5% decrease in net new listings, pushing existing home prices to new heights. Real International is strategically positioned to capitalize on this shifting landscape, harnessing the benefits of Opportunity Zones through a diversified, adaptable long-term portfolio.

Crystal-Line™ Portfolio Highlights:

  • Tax Benefits: Nestled within Opportunity Zones, these assets offer a zero-tax benefit for gains accrued during the holding period and deferral for capital gains belonging to the investment basis.
  • Prime Location: Situated in the heart of Central East Austin, these properties provide optimal security and appreciation throughout our holding period.
  • Robust Returns: we anticipate an exceptional targeted return over a 10-year holding period, with capital gains tax completely waived.

Meet the Crystal-Line Assets:

  • Yellow Jacket: Strategically located near the Light Rail Yellow Jacket Station, this asset allows optimal returns.
  • Maxwell Ln: A mere 5-minute walk from both Yellow Jacket and the neighboring light rail station, this asset boasts a prime location.
  • Webberville Rd: With excellent accessibility connecting to multiple city hotspots, Webberville is a hidden gem soon to be uncovered.

Real International has rigorously stress-tested the Crystal-Line Portfolio, covering construction, interest rates, timelines, operational challenges, and market fluctuations, confirming its robustness and reliability.

The window for Opportunity Zone investments remains open until December 31, 2026. Whether you’re an individual investor or representing a company with a US tax ID number, this opportunity is open to all, regardless of citizenship status or capital gains deferral needs.

Act swiftly, as the Crystal-Line portfolio is already 50% subscribed! Don’t regret missing out on this exclusive investment opportunity. Contact our Crystal-Line project manager, Enge Xing, at enge@realinternational now for more information.