Austin Soars to Tenth Most Populous City in the US, Leading Texas’ Rapid Growth

Austin Soars to Tenth Most Populous City in the US, Leading Texas’ Rapid Growth

The US Census Bureau recently unveiled its latest official data, revealing an impressive achievement for Austin. According to the statistics, Austin has successfully ascended to become the tenth most populous city in the United States, boasting a permanent population of nearly 1 million residents.

Moreover, when considering the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), the entire Austin-Round Rock MSA has climbed from its previous position at No. 28 to a commendable No. 26. This MSA now houses a permanent population of 2.42 million individuals.

In addition to Austin’s remarkable growth, the Lone Star State of Texas also showcases six cities among the 15 fastest-growing small cities in the country. Strikingly, several of these cities are satellite cities of Austin, further highlighting the region’s rapid development. These cities include Georgetown, Kyle, Leander, and New Braunfels.

Georgetown, at the top of the list, has experienced a noteworthy population growth rate of 14.4% year-on-year, culminating in a permanent population of 86,507. Following closely are Kyle and Leander, with impressive population growth rates of 10.9% year-on-year. Currently, Kyle boasts a population of 57,470, while Leander is home to 74,375 residents.

Now let’s delve deeper into the satellite city that leads the pack in terms of population growth. Georgetown, situated in the northern part of the state, has witnessed an exponential rise in its population. This small city has managed to secure the title of the fastest-growing city, outpacing all others. With a growth rate of 14.4%, Georgetown now stands proudly with a population of 86,507 inhabitants.

Although Austin, once perched at the pinnacle, has slightly slipped in the “Best Places to Live” rankings due to its rapid expansion, the main contributing factor being escalating housing costs, it is crucial to acknowledge the city’s evolution from a small city to a bustling metropolis. This transformative journey has not come without its challenges, as the city experiences the expected “growing pains.”

However, it remains evident that many individuals hold the belief that “this is just the beginning” for Austin. They recognize the city’s immense potential for the future and continue to consider it the top choice for living and investing in the United States.