Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Meggie Collantes Attains CCIM Certification with Real International

Congratulations to Ms. Meggie Collantes on achieving the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) qualification this week!

We are thrilled to share this momentous achievement with Ms. Meggie, a true testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to the commercial real estate industry.

About CCIM:
The Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation stands as a hallmark of excellence in the realm of international commercial real estate investment analysis. Achieving this prestigious designation necessitates the successful completion of advanced courses in finance and market analysis, paired with substantial experience in the commercial real estate investment sector. The CCIM qualification enjoys global recognition and is held in high esteem, particularly in countries and regions with well-developed market economies. It is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative professional certifications in the international real estate industry.

Real International and CCIM:
At Real International, we take pride in our CCIM-designated team members, including our CEO, Ms. Yuan Lin. Our team possesses unique insights into the local market and development trends, making us recognized experts in various facets of the real estate industry, spanning civil and commercial real estate brokerage services, investment, development, construction, and property management. We are dedicated to adhering to the exacting standards established by the CCIM Association, which we have seamlessly integrated into our customer service approach.

The Significance of CCIM for Real Estate Investors:
The Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) certification is universally acknowledged as a gold standard in the global commercial real estate sector. It symbolizes a commitment to professional excellence and expertise. Earning this certification entails a rigorous process of education, experience, and examination, equipping individuals to excel in the commercial real estate industry. The value of CCIM certification lies in its indication that professionals possess the following essential abilities:

Market Insight: CCIM certification holders demonstrate a profound understanding of the commercial real estate market, encompassing market trends, investment opportunities, and risks.

Financial Analysis Expertise: CCIM holders are well-versed in financial analysis, enabling them to effectively assess the potential returns and risks associated with real estate investments.

Negotiation and Transaction Skills: CCIM holders excel in transactions, demonstrating proficiency in negotiating and managing commercial real estate deals.

Portfolio Management: CCIM holders are equipped to assist clients in effectively managing commercial real estate investment portfolios to optimize returns.

Business Network Expansion: CCIM certification provides access to a vast professional network, facilitating connections with industry leaders and the establishment of superior investment channels for clients.

Collaborating with CCIM certification holders empowers investors with invaluable market insights. Regardless of an investor’s experience level, having the experience and endorsement of CCIM-certified professionals in risk management and prudent investment decisions leads to enhanced outcomes in the commercial real estate sector.

As Ms. Meggie Collantes attains CCIM certification, we eagerly anticipate her serving Real International clients with an elevated level of professional knowledge and skills. Her achievement is not only a personal milestone but also a source of pride for our entire team!