Project Update | Good News! Two “Real Orchard” Projects Exit Successfully – Returns Incoming!

Breaking News from Real International Realty: We’ve just confirmed the successful exits for two pivotal projects within our flagship “Real Orchard” portfolio. We are currently calculating the total returns and dividends, and plan to distribute the proceeds to investors once we fully close out existing development contracts and calculate returns.

Aside from that, let’s take a quick dive into other updates from the “Real Orchard” portfolio.


Launched in January 2022, the “Real Orchard” portfolio marks our first venture into a diversified investment portfolio strategy. It aims for both short-term gains and long-term stability through investments in the Central Texas development corridor, with a focus on the Greater Austin Metropolis.
Responding to a surge in land values and high apartment demand in Austin, our portfolio spans diverse real estate investment avenues, including land, residential development, and multifamily development, contributing to a total asset value of $101.77 million in the portfolio.


  • Leander “Heritage Grove” 44-acre land (exited Q3 2022)
  • Lockhart’s “Kelley Villas” Duplex community (exited Q4 2023)
  • Austin’s “Webberville” Single-family community (exited Q4 2023)
  • Kyle’s “The Verge” Apartment development (on-target)
  • Round Rock/Pflugerville’s “Cielo Villas” Townhouse Community (on-target)
  • Hutto’s “GT” 48-acre land (on-target)

Sub-project Investment Progress:

“Heritage Grove” 44-acre land investment

  • Address: 500 Heritage Grove Road, Leander, TX, 78641
  • Investment Strategy: Land Flip
  • Status: Closed

Successfully exited in Q3 2022, distributions have been completed across all Heritage Grove and Class A Investors!

“Kelley Villas” Duplex Community

  • Address: 1712 West San Antonio Street, Lockhart, TX, 78644
  • Investment Strategy: Residential Development/Land Flip
  • Status: Closed

Successfully exited! We plan to distribute proceeds to investors in a timely manner.

“Webberville” Single-Family Community

  • Address: 1940 Webberville Road, Austin, TX 78721
  • Investment Strategy: Residential Development/Land Flip
  • Status: Closed

Successfully exited! We plan to distribute proceeds to investors in a timely manner.

The Verge Apartments

  • Address: 2580-2600 Kyle Crossing, Kyle, TX, 78640
  • Investment Strategy: Multi-Family Development
  • Status: Under Construction

This apartment delivers 262 rental units, benefiting from newly established landmark developments in close proximity to Costco and Tesla. The Verge is expected to begin operation early 2024 with rents superseding target prices.

Cielo Villas Townhouse Community

  • Address: 17400 Jazz Street, Pflugerville, TX, 78664
  • Investment Strategy: Residential Development
  • Status: On-target

In contact with potential buyers, expected to sell for about $450,000 per unit, currently in discussions regarding the build-to-rent (BTR) plans.

GT 48 Land Tract

  • Address: 717 & 729 County Rd. 105, Hutto, TX, 78634
  • Investment Strategy: Land Development
  • Status: On-target

The land project has completed the topographic survey and environmental assessment, and plans to divide it into multiple tracts; the exit plan includes divestment through the sale of individual undeveloped lots or wholesaling the land as a project pre-approved for BFR units.

Portfolio Investment Strategy


  1. Staggered Exit Timeline:
    Our Short-Term land flips have successfully exited as planned within two years. We are calculating the proceeds to investors for these projects, and Class A investors are on track to receive a full return of principal in the near future.
  2. Optimized Return on Investment:
    Our innovative investment process works in rhythm with economic and market movements, effectively managing risks and maximizing returns. The Real Orchard portfolio is anticipated to produce above-market returns through the course of the holding period.
  3. Stability and Peace of Mind:
    We always consider the investing experience beyond maximizing returns. Our strategy aims to return investor principal within the first two years, for a stress-free investing experience during the remainder of the holding period.

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