Real International: Your Trusted Guide to Finding Your Dream Home in Austin’s Thriving Real Estate Market

Searching for a home in Austin? Look no further than Real International, your trusted guide!

With Austin’s rapid development, many young individuals who have recently relocated or are planning to move here have joined the wave of real estate buyers. As newcomers to Austin, many lack extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, leading them to stumble upon various pitfalls.

Real International, as the leading brand in Chinese real estate investment in Austin, has been deeply rooted in the city for over 20 years. Our commitment lies in providing professional and comprehensive real estate services that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Assisting new arrivals in finding their footing has always been our expertise, and we continue to excel in this endeavor. Over the years, we have helped numerous young professionals from companies like Google, Apple, Tesla, Samsung, and more successfully settle in Austin, forging lasting friendships. If you or your friends are planning to make the move to Austin, we welcome you to consult with Real International!

Why choose Real International?

We provide detailed regional introductions and informative video materials, allowing you to gain a better understanding of Austin’s various neighborhoods. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when selecting your ideal location.

Real International proudly sponsors “Texas Capital News,” Austin’s first Chinese media outlet, which publishes informational manuals and quarterly magazines. These invaluable resources aid newcomers in swiftly integrating into Austin’s vibrant community.

We offer investment-oriented strategies for both owner-occupancy and property management services. Currently, our property management department oversees 562 residential and commercial properties, achieving an impressive rental collection rate of 98.17%.

Additionally, we have exclusive access to discounted listings from local developers and builders. This includes units from developments in which we have investments, exclusive institutional packages that offer discounts of 20% or more, and carefully curated off-market listings to help you find your dream home.

Not just a sale, but a solution.

“Rent first, buy later”:
Client 1: A young couple relocated from New York to Austin and sought the assistance of Real International in finding a rental home for a year. Six months in advance, our team began introducing them to various neighborhoods, considering their work commute, childcare needs, and preferred living environment. After careful deliberation, we identified a modern community of approximately 2,000 square feet that perfectly suited their rental requirements. A year later, armed with a deeper understanding of Austin and trust in our guidance, the couple decided to purchase their first self-occupied home in Austin.

“Uncertain future plans: Move in or rent it out”:
Client 2: Our client, currently employed by a tech company in California, plans to relocate to Austin next year. They expressed a desire to purchase a home suitable for both self-occupancy and investment. In response, our solution involved identifying a new housing complex situated in an area with a thriving rental market. Through negotiations with the builder, our brokerage team secured a price below the median market rate in the Austin metropolitan area. If the client successfully moves to Austin, they can seamlessly transition into their new home. However, if their relocation plans change, we will list and manage the property for rental through our property management department. Delighted with this versatile solution, the client purchased a new home that fulfilled their needs for both self-occupancy and investment, all at a price below the median market rate.

“Balancing owner-occupancy and investment allocation budgets”:
Client 3: This client, a dual-career family without children at the moment, works for a technology company in Austin. They possessed a substantial down payment and budget but lacked a clear objective before purchasing a home. However, they strongly desired an improved quality of life within a reputable school district. Real International presented two solutions:

Option 1: We recommended investing their cash in exclusive Real International properties priced 10% to 20% below market value, yielding an approximate annual cash flow of 6%. Simultaneously, they could utilize the remaining funds as a down payment to purchase a new home above the Austin median for self-occupancy. This approach allowed them to own two properties concurrently, with the investment property supporting their self-occupied residence, reducing financial burden, enhancing their quality of life, and accumulating long-term capital.

Option 2: We proposed purchasing a custom home with a higher down payment. Considering the client’s specific preferences for the living environment, we advised forgoing an expensive school in a top district and instead purchasing a new high-end community within a good school district. The client could personalize their home and leverage builder loans and upgrade benefits. Over time, the property’s value would appreciate steadily, and the target buyers upon sale would be families seeking a high-quality education. Acquiring a custom-made home allowed the customers to design and select materials according to their preferences, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Ultimately, the client chose option 2, purchasing a spacious new home within a high-end community and expressing immense satisfaction with the entire process.

At Real International, we recognize that purchasing your first home represents a significant investment. Our real estate brokerage services aim not only to help newcomers find their ideal homes but also to provide professional investment advice. We ensure that you can successfully settle down in Austin, transforming real estate into a long-term financial asset rather than a burden.