Celebrating Success with Georgetown Duplex Bulk Deal and Revealing Exciting New Opportunities in San Marcos

Celebrating Success with Georgetown Duplex Bulk Deal and Revealing Exciting New Opportunities in San Marcos

Real International is pleased to announce the successful closing of our new construction duplex bulk deal in Georgetown, a testament to our commitment to securing value for our investors. All properties have been acquired swiftly, with both our Harvest 2 portfolio and individual investors capitalizing on a compelling 20%+ discount negotiated with one of Austin’s major residential developers.

Our Harvest 2 portfolio acquired 19 duplexes currently generating rental income. Investors will benefit from the optimal cash-on-cash rates as well as appreciation stemming from Georgetown’s untapped potential.

Real International specifically targets communities with the highest potential for appreciation whilst having the ability to generate significant cash flows. Though, the most compelling benefit of acquiring these properties still lies in the fact that the inherent value of these properties far exceeds the acquisition cost. This deal was a substantial win for our investors, who are able to generate significant gains from their investment from day one.

As we continue to pursue opportunities that align with our investment strategy, we invite you to keep a watchful eye on our next bulk deals:

If you’ve heard the buzz over the new and exciting technological corridor that big hitters in the industry have been paving down through I-35, you’ll have done your research on San Marcos. Sandwiched in between two of the fastest growing metros in Texas, San Marcos is by far one of the most exciting and interesting hubs for opportunity in Greater Austin. To capitalize on San Marcos’ boom, we’ve procured our most recent deal – a community placed primely along I-35 – directly in the path of the Texas Innovation Corridor.

We at Real International would like to thank our investors for their support, participation, and eagerness toward our opportunities. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the same level of excellence we are known for.

Interested parties for the San Marcos deal may contact us through email or phone, as listed below.

Email: info@realinternational.com
Phone #: (512) 808-0677