The Texas Innovation Corridor: A Thriving Hub for Business and Investment

The Texas Innovation Corridor: A Thriving Hub for Business and Investment

The Texas Innovation Corridor is strategically located between the tech hub of Austin, often referred to as the “Silicon Hill,” and San Antonio, the third-largest city in Texas. This corridor, with San Marcos at its epicenter, has become a dynamic hotspot, witnessing impressive economic growth, a significant influx of population, and a surge in business activities in central Texas.

Notably, cities such as Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos, located in close proximity to the southern part of Austin, have experienced the most rapid development. As the population continues to swell, both businesses and labor forces are drawn to this area in search of promising opportunities:

Amazon: Serving as the largest employer in the San Marcos area, Amazon has invested significantly in Hays County and Caldwell County. Their operations include an 855,000-square-foot Fulfillment Center in San Marcos and an additional 307,840-square-foot warehouse in nearby Kyle. Operating within the Innovation Corridor region offers companies access to cost-effective land and substantial savings in operational expenses.

Tesla: Tesla recently made headlines by leasing a massive 1.3 million square-foot warehouse and logistics center along I-35, signaling its intent to expand the “Musk Empire” even further than before.

The local governments in this region offer attractive tax incentives and favorable business costs, making it an appealing destination for businesses of various sizes. The corridor benefits from its proximity to numerous prestigious universities, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas State University’s Round Rock campus. These institutions not only provide numerous employment opportunities but also offer a substantial talent pool of over 1.3 million people to meet the growing demands across various industries in the Innovation Corridor.

A New Opportunity in San Marcos:

The remarkable population growth in the Innovation Corridor has spurred a robust housing market. This growth has led to increased property prices and rents, prompting various residential projects to meet the diverse needs of the resident population.

Real International thus procured institutional-discounted new homes that have recently emerged in the core area of the Innovation Corridor, priced 12% below the market rate. Similar to our past bulk deals, a large builder has offered an exclusive bulk discount for our long-term patronage and ability to deliver. Previous negotiations have bore fruit with over 30 units sourced from these bulk deals currently generating income for our Harvest Phase 1 and 2 portfolio projects.

With significant discounts from market price, we are able to acquire properties through deals like these to recognize a large spread and generate value through just the acquisition of the property, meaning that an investment through the purchase of one of these properties is great from day one.

Read more about previous bulk deals here:

50 properties from Harvest Phase 1 fully leased!

Duplex Acquisition Complete for Harvest Phase II Investment Portfolio

These homes are strategically located just 15 minutes from the Tesla logistics center with convenient access to I-35 and are situated near the rapidly growing Texas State University and the San Marcos Premium Outlets – one of the largest outdoor shopping centers in Texas.

These new homes feature 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, making them ideal for rental purposes. Additionally, the community does not impose new development fees, which is a major benefit along with lower property taxes and HOA fees, translating significant savings for investors in terms of operational expenses.

If you would like more information about these homes, please contact us as soon as possible. Leave a message through the avenues listed. These bulk deals sell out quickly and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

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